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Levels 7-10 are eligible to qualify and compete in our Event Finals Sunday at 12:00pm. 

The TOP TEN GYMNASTS in each level throughout the competition will qualify on each event. This means that each level will not have official results until the last session of that level. 


Results and current standings will be posted at the end of each session at the head table of the red gym. At the end of the final level 8 session Saturday, the final qualifiers will be posted.

Coaches - Please let the head table know upon arrival whether your gymnasts are interested in participating in the Event. When your gymnast qualifies you will need to fill out an entry form with contact info for you as well as your gymnast's parent/guardian immediately following your session. We will then let you know Saturday night if your gymnasts have officially qualified and will compete.


Payment by Event: 

1 Event: $30

2 Events: $45

3 Events: $60

4 Events: $70

Please bring your entry form with cash or check as soon as your gymnast has qualified. Payment must be received by the end of competition Saturday in order to be registered in Event Finals.

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